How Can I Block My Facebook Account

It has been said of an app that is been able to access Peoples profile/data on Facebook. It has caused a lot of problem & uproar to the extent that people have decided to either wipe there Facebook profile, deactivate or delete their Facebook account in order to protect their personal information/data. Now, this article will be teaching you the title “how can I block my Facebook account” from been shared.

Though we can’t deny the fact that, Facebook has actually helped a lot of people in terms of communicating with their friends, advertising their businesses and other important function. That is the main reason why some or most people would want to continue with their Facebook account. But what can they do to protect their personal data while they continue to use Facebook?

How Can I Block My Facebook Account From Been Shared:

You can restrict your personal data from been shared or limit the way it can be accessed. Let’s us go to some settings below, to see how we can achieve that

How can I block my Facebook account from been shared? First of all

  • Go to the Facebook settings screen on your personal account
  • Click on APPS to access the APP settings screen
  • You can even click this link App Settings link to open the APP settings screen
  • At the APP screen, you are given two choices to restrict your data through the Facebook API platform.
  1. To completely prevent your data from being used by 3rd parties such as apps, plugins, games, and websites and
  2. To only restrict certain data

But to completely disable your data from being shared on the Facebook platform,

  • Click edit under the Apps, websites, and plugins section
  • A dialog box appears that explains the ramifications of disabling the Facebook API platform. And it includes not been able to login to other websites using your Facebook account or to use Facebook data with installed apps.
  • If ok with this restrictions, you can click “disable platform”. It may take some time to disable, so don’t click multiple times. Just wait.
  • But if you want to continue to use the Facebook platform enabled, but restrict the types of content that can be shared with 3rd party apps, plugins, and websites. To do this,
  • Click on “Edit” button in the “Apps others use” section instead.

This will bring up a screen that lists various types of information that you can disable from being shared.

The Apps Others Use:

On this section, it is advisable to disable all available options. Even though all option is disabled here, your friendslist, gender, and any public information can still be seen by 3rd party, program, apps, and websites.

How Can I Block My Facebook Account From Been Shared:

With big companies like Facebook, Google that generate high incomes from people’s personal data, it is better you keep monitoring how your data is been shared. Unfortunately, in some cases, this could remove some of the features of a particular site that you enjoy using.

It is very important to know the risk involved in 3rd party accessing your personal data and also to know how to restrict them from having full or partial control. Please share widely so that people will be informed.


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