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I have been searching on the internet to gain knowledge on how to install and setup CCTV camera, either at home or at working place. I have found some steps that can help you to start with installation at least if you also want to learn how to install a CCTV camera. These are the steps below:

  • To install and setup CCTV camera, first of all, locate the direction or position you want to install the CCTV camera
  • Before preparing the tools, look out for the areas you need to watch out for like doors, driveways, off-street windows, even open spaces around you.
  • Take note of the type of camera you should buy and how it connects with the DVR box. Either to plug it directly or routing the camera`s cable through your house if the DVR box is placed far from the camera.

Now, you can buy a security camera depending on how you want it. Either you get the one that is coupled together which of course is cheaper and easier, or you buy them individually. Buying them individually, you will need:

  1. DVR (digital video recorder) box
  2. 1-4 cameras
  3. Appropriate wiring (Siamese and BNC cables)
  4. Power Cords

There are different types of camera you can buy. We have the wireless and the wired ones

A good example of a camera you can buy is NYXCAM 4mp Home Security Camera System

Tools needed to install a wired camera system:

  • Ethernet cable
  • A power drill with drive bits and space bits
  • Steel fish tape
  • Masking tape
  • A monitor, mouse, and keyboard

Since you now know the tools to use to set up CCTV camera, you can check the manual that comes with the purchased package for a guide to connecting these tools together. A DVR system can be directly connected to a TV or computer monitor for live viewing. Some people may prefer watching footage remotely (online). What you need to do is, to configure port forwarding on your router so that you gain access to your DVR (NVR) from the internet. A simpler solution is using a regular IP camera with cameraFTP cloud recording.

There are two kinds of recording; cloud and local recording

Cloud recording: this is the kind of recording in which footage cannot be deleted even though it is stolen or the DVR and cameras are destroyed. With this type of recording, you can view or playback recorded footage online with a web browser or cameraFTP mobile view apps.

Camera software to use with your cameras is; Blue Iris, isPV, Noxcam APP (free) access to certain functions. You can use this software with your mobile to record videos on a local micro SD card or do a cloud recording with the monthly subscription. You can live stream, take pictures.

You have seen how to install or setup CCTV camera. Especially for those that want to learn further, visit here.


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