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web hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting and Web Domain For Free

Want to set up your own website but don't want to spend a cent? Check out this guide on how to set up your...
show hidden files

Show Hidden Files in Windows with Command Prompt

Have you ever lost some important files in your system? Or do you think some files should be present in your system but you...
How to Connect Multiple Monitors

How to Connect Multiple Monitors With One HDMI Port

Adding a second monitor to your computer lets you double your computer’s desktop, allowing you to work on one monitor while checking its effects...
how to partition a hard-drive

How to partition a hard-drive in windows

 Do you know you can make one hard-drive to function as two? Partitioning a hard-drive simply means splitting your drives into sections (virtual drives)...
how to stop windows 10 update

How to Stop Windows 10 Update from Automating

Are you confused about what to do when Windows 10 updates continuously? You will agree with me that the older version of windows shares...
how to t

How to Transfer Files from PC to PC easily

So many computer (PC) and laptop user find it difficult to transfer a file from one pc to another pc, without using a flash...