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basic information technology and communication knowledge

In this present era of technology and its use in many sectors of an organization, one cannot ignore the importance and usefulness of this...
website speed and optimization

How to increase Page Speed of WordPress Website

Many factors can be said to have contributed to the slowness of your website. Though, we may not recognize most of them it is...
advantages of rooting

10 Advantages of Rooting Your Android Devices

One of the major questions people often ask is “what do I stand to gain if I root my android device”. In this article,...
top 5 rooting apps

Top 5 Rooting Apps for Android Devices 2018

These top 5 Rooting apps offer you abundant useful features to make all necessary and demanding changes to your device. Using these apps, you...
Nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Features you don’t Know About

Most people that uses the Nintendo switch never knew it can perform a whole lot of functions in addition to the ones they already...
system restore windows 10

System restore Windows 10 and Back Up in 10 Minutes

The basic problems that we face when our windows get corrupt are the longtime requirement for its restoration and the tedious methods required. Reinstalling...